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CONCEPT: Acts of Valor is a multi-format series of true-life stories about American servicemen and women who have performed courageous and exemplary acts of valor while on duty in the service of their country. The purpose of Acts of Valor is to educate, stimulate and promote a sense of pride in the heroic actions of Military personnel to the youth of today, and the American public at large.

Acts of Valor, is the intellectual property of Alan Ames and Associates and will be derived from stories and interviews with courageous servicemen and women and these stories will be compiled and released in various formats and media applications.

We feel that Acts of Valor will impact the American culture much the same way as John Kennedy’s “Profiles in Courage”, and will serve to unite all Americans in honor and respect of the freedom we have established.

We envisage the following formats in media:

1. Cartoon / Comic Books: Geared specifically at the 5-15 year old market
2. Fiction Novels in episodic format: All Ages
3. Episodic Television Series: All Ages
4. Theatrical Movies or short features: All Ages

By saturating the various media, Acts of Valor will instill a revitalized sense of pride across all age groups of Americans, as an ongoing tribute to those who served their country insuring American freedom. I addition, it will reward those courageous Americans who gave their all for the preservation of their country.

Alan Ames and Associates is seeking interested parties to help finance, develop and exploit Act of Valor.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT : ALAN AMES , Alan Ames and Associates (713) 627-0145

Updated: June 30, 2006



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"Accelerating Social Change through the Power of Music and Media."

"Accelerating Social Change through the Power of Music and Media."
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