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but ineffectual approach, which is combined with over-expectations by all parties, including the Americans. Ultimately, the Republican and the Democrat might be forced to work together to achieve their goal of being successful mediators. In addition, each group and all groups in aggregate will feel pressure to work together to navigate through difficult seas. Assuming they navigate successfully (and survive), the result should be that the groups will have a closer bond on an individual level. This possibility of grater teamwork could lead to the possibility of more successful and productive political and global discussions.

An additional feature will be that individual members will have a chance to discuss their feelings into the camera – but not necessarily to the other members of the group. The starting and ending point of the journey will be war-torn Israel/Palestine. Each week the cast will address a specific issue facing society as a whole and discuss their ideas for possible resolutions. The show’s footage will highlight this topic as discussed during the hourly discussions and at other random moments caught on film.

The voyage will be documented 24/7 via small pre-placed remote cameras located in various spots around the vessel in addition to a 3-camera professional video team on board who will capture the “Day-In-The-Life” events. All of this will be remotely fed to a studio based crew and host who will select, edit, comment upon and broadcast the weekly episodes in a “news-sportscast” type format, complete with instant and non-instant replay of certain eventful moments. Additionally, viewers and interested members of the public will be able to tune into 24/7 updates via the show’s web site and be able to see and hear live events/reports in between the broadcast episodes. There will be an interactive portion of the series and web site where audience members can ask questions of the cast as well as provide their own comments and responses.

A welcome crew and producer will be present in each country of arrival during the journey for live updates and re-supplying provisions. The arrival at each port of call on the journey will result in two “off-boat” travelogue type episodes featuring the country and its culture and focus on specific crisis issues of immediate concern. Additionally the producers intend to produce if possible a benefit concert in each country of arrival. Upon the conclusion of their voyage, the crew and sponsors will donate one million dollars to a global charity or charities of their choice in their respective homelands.

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"Accelerating Social Change through the Power of Music and Media."

"Accelerating Social Change through the Power of Music and Media."
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